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How To Get What You Want Out Of Re:Invent

November 21, 2023
Re:Invent, like many large conferences, has a very curious dichotomy. For some -- it's the best time of the year. The...

When To Use AWS Bedrock

November 7, 2023
Scoping and Use Cases for AWS Bedrock Projects

AWS re:Invent Hot Tips - 2023 Edition

October 31, 2023
I know I’m supposed to start this blog post with all sorts of yada yada about what re:Invent is and why you should go,...

The Disruption Of A Market

October 24, 2023
If you've been tracking the tech word at all this past year, you probably know about the hype surrounding what we're...

How To Be An AWS Alliance Lead

October 16, 2023
As a new Alliance Lead for an AWS partner, you're stepping into a role that bridges the gap between your company and...

A Meditation On Kubernetes

October 3, 2023
Dear Reader, Fair warning; there be nerd dragons ahead. I'm talking deeply nerdy musings on Kubernetes. Enter at your...

Testing The Right Offer

September 26, 2023
The Marketing Success Equation - The Right Offer In the last blog of this series, we talked about how the Marketing...

Growing Talent As A Trade

September 18, 2023
Be honest; did you roll your eyes when you read the title? After the initial fear of the covid pandemic and lockdowns...

OpenTF - WTF Does It All Mean

September 11, 2023
If your business has been using infrastructure as code solutions, you have either looked at or are a current user of...

The Marketing Success Equation

September 5, 2023
At its core, great marketing is very simple. It can be boiled down to this equation: The right message/offer to the...