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Partner's Partner

BTS is the trusted partner many clients have come to depend on throughout their Cloud Journey. Whether you’re a customer looking to understand your cloud environment or a Cloud Services Company looking to improve a client’s experience, BTS bridges the skills and knowledge gaps to accelerate your business. We bring with us decades of experience in understanding the technical and operational challenges in leveraging the Cloud. Let us educate you about our core philosophies, Compliance & Security, Cost Optimization, and Observability. We call this CCO.

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Compliance & Security

  • Frameworks: FedRAMP, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SOX, NIST 800-53
  • Host-based vulnerability detection
  • Network security/intrusion detection
  • Identity management, SSO 
  • Operation continuity (DR/BCP)

Cost Optimization (FinOps)

  • FinOps practice adoption
  • Architecture driven cost-reduction
  • Product selection and pricing
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • DevOps Automation

Observability (Monitoring)

  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Ensuring SLA compliance
  • Dashboards
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Virtual SOC/NOC

Better Than Services Is Your Secret Weapon For Growth

We founded BTS because we've been in your shoes. We never could understand why it was every partner for themselves. We fill in the gaps to help you grow your business, keep customers and partners happy, and focus on what you do best. And when we can't help directly, our vast network and relationships enable us to connect you with another partner who can. 

We're the Partner's Partner. And you have our word that we will listen intently and provide top-notch work - either white labeled as your organization or under the BTS umbrella. 

We are all about transparency and sharing the inside baseball of how to be a success in cloud partner ecosystem. Even if you don't have a project readily available, let's have a conversation and get to know one another so we're ready to rock and roll when you do. 

Focus On Your Core Competencies

Using Better Than Services to fill in the gaps for spaces you don't want to play in allows you to focus on what your team excels at delivering.

For example, BTS has MSP customers who don't want to do Professional Services and AI/ML companies who prefer not to the do the infrastructure work. In other instances, it's an ISV who has customers needing custom integrations or remediation of issues their software finds.

BTS is here to help you focus on what you do best. 

Grow Your Business Responsibly

Knowing when to hire is always terrifying. Do you bring on a specialist or a scaling unit right when the rest of your bench is getting taxed? What if you can't get them to a high utilization rate? 

The team at BTS can step in and help you get past the busy times so you don't have to add staff prematurely. It's a theme we hear from many BTS customers, "You help us grow our business responsibly." 

Greater Customer And Partner Satisfaction

It's great when your business is really taking off, but the downside can mean delayed kickoffs and muddling your way through projects that aren't in your area of expertise. The BTS team can step in to ensure both your customers and partners are overjoyed with their experience. 

U.S. Based Talent Skilled At Deploying Global Solutions For Hybrid And Multi-Cloud Environments

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